96.7% Of UK Households Buy Bread – That’s A Lot Of Bread!

We love a few facts and figures, don’t you? According to research by the Federation of Bakers wrapped bread is purchased by 96.7% of we shoppers in the UK. That’s an average of 60.3 loaves per household at a cost of £54.41 per year. Pretty cheap considering your typical family sized loaf of 800g is just under 2000 calories which would feed you for a day! OK so it might need a bit of butter, an egg or a slice of ham on it but you you see what I’m saying – what great value!

An average of 60.3 loaves means that’s at least one bread bag per household per week. Wouldn’t it be great if we all recycled one bread bag a week? Imagine how much polythene could go into recycling to get re-purposed and re-used as something else! Recycling your breadbag is not as easy as putting it into your recycling bin at home as many kerbside (council) bin collections don’t cater for it but you can still recycle them pretty easily.

Almost all UK households buy bread according to research by Federation of Bakers


Take your breadbags with you to your supermarket and you can put them in the ‘carrier bag recycling bin’ – now that’s easy! Before you take just one breadbag, why not use the bag to stuff other polythene wrappings in, there’s lots to choose from. Anything with PE or LDPE or a 4 in a recycle triangle is made of polythene and can be recycled this way. A bread bag full of other polythene can then be dropped into the carrier bag recycling bin at the supermarket and you’ve just helped recycle!

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